Finvar and Omega Point Partners Agree Commercial and Technical Partnership

Finvar Corporation is delighted to announce our commercial and technical partnership with Omega Point Partners LLC which includes the co-creation of block chain enabled products for data security, aggregation and verification, the utilization of patented technologies and the distribution of financial technology to institutional and individual clients. 

Finvar Corporation is a financial technology company that creates products and platforms focused on enhancing automation, productivity, education, monetization and access in finance and investing for the underserved mass market. It’s first product, Capnote, is an intelligence and productivity platform for financial professionals and organizations. Click here for more information.

OmegaPoint Partners , LLC is a private permission based blockchain technology company . Their subscription based Software as a Service offering has 15 different functional platforms that include the following social impact areas: data security; elder care; climate change; licensing and intellectual property; wire transfer security; homelessness; Ecommerce; healthcare; forced labor reduction and social networking. Click here for more information.

Jahani & Associates served as an advisor to Finvar Corporation.

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