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In today’s digital world, efficiently accessing and processing data are essential for strong financial performance. Capnote uses  patented technology to generate more financial value from data. It does the financial grunt work so you can save time and focus on making great decisions.

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If you have valuable financial expertise or data, you can earn income by sharing it with the Capnote community. You can create and sell various types of content.

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Capnote provides a valuable resource for finance professionals, offering intuitive AI-powered tools for data analysis. Analysts, financial advisors, and industry experts can benefit from insightful solutions tailored to their needs.


Capnote is a global collaboration hub for investors, facilitating connectivity with professionals worldwide. Interactive features such as forums and discussion boards encourage meaningful exchanges, fostering informed investment decisions.

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Capnote welcomes individuals passionate about contributing to the ecosystem. The platform offers an opportunity for data enthusiasts to actively participate, sharing their expertise and data while earning rewards for their valuable contributions.

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Our team will work closely with you to develop a customized investment plan that aligns with your goals, while also managing risk and ensuring a diversified portfolio.

“I'm responsible for a portfolio of nearly 20 companies. Earnings season is always really busy. Capnote's automated tools cut a lot of manual work and help make my analysis better.”


“The maps & geographies feature is a revelation. In the decades I've spent in trade finance, it's never been easier to review global supply chains and spot opportunities at risk."


“Capnote makes a large variety of information easily accessible and useful. I particularly like the value chains and ability to see the interactions between two or more companies.”