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Get detailed company research and reports in one-click with our proprietary One-Click Memo feature.

Capnote’s one click memos automate the aggregation of updated company information and summarizes it into a concise report in a single click. This can save users up to one week’s worth of research time.

The best financial professionals and investors are constantly doing research and communicating their findings in reports or memos. In some cases, financial professionals are required to document their due diligence in the form of a report or memo for regulatory and fiduciary reasons.

For example, bankers are required to assess risk and update risk memos on a periodic basis or before completing new transactions. Financial professionals or investors may require such memos in order to understand a company better or prepare for a client meeting.


Capnote helps users save time by aggregating and updating information such as financial highlights, peer comparison tables, geographic maps, key risk and growth factors, quick notes on the financial statements, key suppliers, key customers, related industries and more.

This can serve as a basis or guide for creating memos and reports to suit your preferences. It also helps educate and maintain quality. Organizations that license a Capnote enterprise platform will also be able to customize this automated memo to suit their preferred templates.

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Here is what our users are saying…

Capnote makes a large variety of information easily accessible. I particularly like the value chains and ability to see the interaction between two or more companies.
I love Capnote’s one-click memos and would pay for it even if that was the only feature the platform had. It really helps me save time and do my job better.
Financial Risk Manager
My favorite piece of functionality is the drill down under the value chain for a company. Capnote has also been helpful as far as monitoring key risk factors for my portfolio.
Capital Markets Banker

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