About Capnote

Mission & Objectives

Capnote is an AI-powered automation & e-commerce platform for finance & investing. It uses patented technology to aggregate and enrich data, generate insights, automate workflows and monetize financial content or products. 

Created by financial professionals on a mission to improve the world’s financial outcomes, Capnote’s core objective is to improve the way financial professionals and investors work and earn. It helps users increase productivity, save time, bridge gaps in knowledge, improve decision-making and earn income from their expertise or tools. 

Capnote is designed to be used by individuals and organizations that constantly need to process financial data or generate financial content such as Research Analysts, Asset Managers, Wealth Advisors, Corporate Finance Professionals, Bankers, Consultants and more.  However, everyone is welcome to join and earn.


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Indicators & Commodities


Years of Historical Data


Supply Chain Relationships


Institutional Investor Chain

Financial Automation & Process Improvement

Save time by automating repetitive tasks and redirect your energy to value creation. For example, Capnote’s one-click memo feature can save a week’s worth of research time.

Access to Financial Service & Capital

By connection consumers and financial professional services, we are bridging the gap to banking and financial services to underserved communities.

Financial Education & Literacy

By processing large amounts of data, tracking multiple indicators and continuously being updated with more financial theory, we are improving the quality of work and bridge gaps in education or expertise.

Collaboration & Professional Networks

The best organizations and investors have unlimited access to experts and their custom content. Capnote has been designed to help those without such access benefit from similar expertise.

Increase Your Financial Productivity

Get started with Capnote and join a growing community with thousands of financial professionals and investors from all over the world.